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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a maintenance release with bugfixes and feature changes including the following changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • large overhaul of the general RaspberryMatic firmware update procedure. Now the vast majority of the firmware update work is performed within the recovery system rather than performing unarchiving, checksum checks, etc. in the general WebUI. This should solve all kind of firmware update issues which popped up during the last few released updates (#1336, cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=67419).
  • fixed all obsolete (thus broken) references to our previously supplied copy (and now non-exsisting) of libNRJavaSerialv8.so for all aarch64-based platforms which resulted in a crashing HMIPServer process upon restoring a backup (#1333).
  • implemented a fio-based disk performance check for the firmware update process which will output performance data of the used storage device (sd card, etc.) and also may give a hint if the performance might result in lengthy firmware update procedures. This fio-based performance check is largely based on the raspberry pi agnostics test, which also uses fio for deriving sd card related performance measure. (cf. https://github.com/raspberrypi-ui/agnostics)
  • fixed an issue in createBackup.sh where it didn’t consider the case that the tar command to archive the /usr/local part needs to be aware of situations where files may change during backup generation (#1345).
  • updated integrated NEO server to latest 2.7.0 version.

WebUI changes:

  • fixed a broken link in the help pages linking to the official RaspberryMatic documentation (#1358).
  • added a new WebUI bugfix patch which fixes the issue that the help page was not accessible anymore from the logout page (#1358).
  • integrated a new performance fix within the 0111-WebUI-Fix-Translation-Performance WebUI patch which should improve the performance of displaying the device list (#1355, #1354, @theimo1221).
  • integrated a fix for the 0031-WebUI-Fix-FileUpload WebUI patch not working correctly when cancelling the EULA dialog.
  • we use /dev/shm as the primary upload directory and only use the on-disk /usr/local/tmp in case /dev/shm is full. This should speed up any WebUI-based data upload and also reduce data write operations to the underlying storage (e.g. sd card).
  • general graphical image file and logo overhaul including rework of the 0036-WebUI-AppleIcons WebUI patch to more generally improve the favicon use in the WebUI.
  • added a new 0125-WebUI-ChannelHighlights WebUI patch which will bring up more device channel highlights in the device list using DEV_HIGHLIGHT statements in webui.js (#1207, @Maik2208).
  • implemented a change to the 0122-WebUI-ProgramExecutionWithConditionCheck WebUI patch which allows to toggle the active/inactive button in case the login is an Admin session. (#1292, @Maik2208).

Operating system changes:

  • fixed loading the base device tree for the tinkerboard which did not use a valid test statements, thus didn’t load the “tinker-s.dtb” file while it should have done in case of a eMMC boot.
  • updated Java JRE to latest jdk8.0.302 LTS versions.
  • updated upstream Linux kernel to 5.10.55 for ova, intelnuc, odroid and tinkerboard platform.
  • added missing bluetooth firmware for RTL_87XX and RTL_88XX.
  • updated the RaspberryPi related WiFi firmwares to the latest versions available.
  • updated the RaspberryPi related EEPROM firmware versions to latest stable pieeprom-2021-07-06.bin version.
  • updated the ODROID hardkernel kernel patches to latest versions fixing potential crash issues with an ODROID-N2. (home-assistant/operating-system#1476)
  • integrated improved XenServer support for the ova platform by modifying kernel configs and adding xe-guest-utilities as a dedicated buildroot package (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#1459).
  • added BR2_PACKAGE_WIRELESS_REGDB package which will generate a corresponding regulatory.db file the kernel can use for setup of wireless connections. In addition, we drop the legacy CRDA functionality in the kernel since regulatory.db is used since kernel 4.15+ (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#1452).
  • increased server.max-read-idle and server.max-write-idle to 1200 seconds (20 min) in lighttpd.conf so that large file uploads/downloads will not run into a webserver timeout on slow hardware platforms or slow SD card environments anymore (#1336, cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=67419).
  • added a Content-Length header check to lighttpd.conf which will allow http post/put requests with transfer-encoding: chunked to be processed correctly. This seems to finally allow to use the new ingress_stream option in the HA add-on config file and thus make ingress-based large file upload > 16MB possible (cf. https://redmine.lighttpd.net/issues/2156, #1294, home-assistant/supervisor#2950).
  • increased the default timeout for ha-proxy.js so that large file downloads within the ingress routed WebUI will not run into gateway error messages because our ha-proxy timed out. This should fix large file backup downloads from within our HA add-on.

πŸ‘ͺ Contributors (alphabetically):

πŸ“ Support:

For support on installation and help please visit the following web pages:

RaspberryMatic – Documentation πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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πŸ“¦ Download:

The following installation archives can be downloaded for different hardware platforms. To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is provided as well. You can either upload these files using the WebUI-based update mechanism or unarchive them to e.g. flash the included *.img files on a fresh installation media (e.g. microSD card):