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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major release with bugfixes and feature changes including the following changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU version to 3.59.6-1 integrating full compatibility to the CCU3 3.59.6 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • An obsolete code passage was removed since it allowed to perform unauthorized “remote code executions” imposing a severe security whole.
    • HmIP-FSI16 – Instead of showing “Buttonpress short/long” the text “This channel has no functionality here” will be shown under “Status/Usage”.
    • After performing changes to a heating group the WebUI will now return to the group display instead of returning to the general device overview.
    • Fixed a bug in the use of the config parameter “Action on powerup”.
    • The ramp time of HmIP dimm actors could not be changed within WebUI programs if no switchon time was modified as well.
    • Bugfix of stalling WebUI dialog when swapping homematic devices via the WebUI.
    • Added support for new “Homematic IP TΓΌrschlossantrieb (HmIP-DLD)” device type.
    • Updated integrated HmIPW-DRAP firmware to version 2.2.24.
    • HmIP-WRC6 – For channels 1 to 6 a new config parameter ABORT_EVENT_SENDING_CHANNELS was added.
    • The text field for entering the frost control temperature was changed to a combobox for the HmIP BWTH, FAL and FALMOT devices.
    • The minimal temperature value was changed from 6.0 Β°C to 5.0 Β°C for certain HmIP thermostat devices.
    • The WebUI of entering the week program of HmIP dimmers was changed from using a combobox with fixes brightness values (in 5% steps) to using a text field. This should allow to enter brightness values from 0% to 100%.
    • The config parameter “valve switchover value” can now only be activated/changed for a HmIP-FALMOT in case the parameter “automatic switch from continious to PWM” is enabled.
    • HmIP-MP3P – Added the easymode profile “MP3 – on” for direct connections with push button devices. Now it is more easily possible to use this device as a simple door bell.
    • On easy mode connections between a HmIP dimm/switching actor and a HmIP motion sensor the type of retention time can now be selected.
  • added network port settings to the Home Assistant Add-on for enabling a potentially installed CCU historian add-on to work correctly within Home Assistant (#1313).
  • fixed an issue where in case a /etc/config/rfd.conf file does not contain any [Interface 0] section while however a local rf module was found, rfd would never pickup the rf module for BidCos communication. Thus, we add a fresh “[Interface 0]” section in these cases now to get BidCos-RF running (cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=68169).
  • added a bugfix in the Home Assistant ingress proxy (/bin/ha-proxy.js) which checks for the used character encoding in the response and then either converts the buffer stream to a string using utf8 or latin1 (#1264).

WebUI changes:

  • added new 0124-WebUI-Fix-ShowMultipleSpacesInSysVar WebUI bug fix patch (#1311, #1310, @jp112sdl)
  • added new WebUI bugfix patch which fixes an issue with not allowing to enter 31 seconds or 31 minutes in the duration set dialog in webui due to a missing durationUnit check (#1306).
  • added a sanitizing check for the /etc/config/firmware directory content so that invalid device firmware sub-directories won’t result in a stalling WebUI anymore (#1302, cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=667022).
  • fixed issue in the 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser WebUI patch which resulted in “malformed URI sequence” error messages to popup if a system variable contained some special characters and which requires to use unescape() accordingly (#1286).
  • we always use /usr/local/sdcard as a storagePath in the oci platform because there is no way in HA to mount an USB stick within an add-on due to hardware access restrictions.
  • added some missing english translations for certain WebUI patches (#1296).
  • integrated new 0121-WebUI-ManualProgramExecutionWithConditionCheck (#1291, @jp112sdl, @Baxxy13).
  • integrated a fix in the 0119-WebUI-Fix-ProofAndSetValue WebUI patch which should fix issues with displaying the device parameters for a HM-ES-TX-WM device due to incorrect getMin/MaxValue() function definitions (#1290).
  • added new 0121-WebUI-Fix-verifysid WebUI patch which fixes a potential security issue with verifysid.cgi being still available thought it is largely obsolete. Now the whole verifysid.cgi together with the only function in session.tcl still using it being retired for an improved security.

Operating system changes:

  • updated the rpi-userland-aarch64 buildroot patch to latest HEAD version of the rpi-userland repository.
  • added max filedescriptor checks to standard watchdog config so that monit will regularly check if a common process is about to exhaust its max. filedescriptor limit (#1322).
  • added more default MIB modules to the netsnmp build including the agent/extend module which should allow users to integrate extend based snmp definitions for various purposes (#1312).
  • added filesystem flags checks for userfs and usb1 WatchDog checks so that upon a changed filesystem check an alarm will be triggered informing about a potential disk error (#1320).
  • added set -e to let createBackup.sh exit immediately upon an error. Furthermore cronBackup.sh now triggers a WebUI alarm in case the target dir could not be created if the executed createBackup.sh exits wit an error (#1320).
  • updated wiringpi-rpi package to use latest master sources which comes with compatibility for latest RaspberryPi Compute Module 4 hardware.
  • added config options for improved compute module compatibility and added necessary device tree parameters/overlay for supporting the RTC of a CM4IO board as well.
  • Updated generic_raw_uart module to latest version to integrated fixes and mitigate the unfaithful use of certain USB based rf module mockups like PB-HUL/PB-HULIP/HB-OCCU-USB/TRXC2-USB which are just commercialized clones of OpenHardware-based hardware solutions (#1314, #1304, @alexreinert, cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=68238, https://twitter.com/RaspberryMatic/status/1404782083793358849)
  • added more RaspberryPi models to S01InitHost for proper recognition of the underlying hardware platform.
  • bumped upstream kernel to 5.10.45
  • added CONFIG_DAX and some other kernel options to enhance support for virtio-fs (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#1400)
  • removed the own copy of a aarch64/v8 binary of libNRJavaSerialv8.so since the HMIPServer.jar in OCCU 3.59.x+ now comes with the latest version of NRJavaSerial, thus also includes a 64bit aarch64 version of libNRJavaSerial. Thus, our workaround is not necessary anymore.
  • slightly increased the minimal fan speed for >= 55 deg for the ArgonFAN to get rid of potential high frequency noises.
  • updated RaspberryPi kernel+firmware to latest 1.20210527-1 tagged version.
  • updated buildroot to latest 2021.05 and adapted patches accordingly.
  • added iomem=relaxed to kernel bootargs of all platforms coming with wiringpi. This should fix Operation not permitted issues since we hardended the kernels for more secure DEVMEM. Now wiringpi should work again while still ensuring a high access security.
  • added new rpi-rf-mod-rpi1 device tree overlay to rpi-rf-mod package and added it to our rpi0 platform generation. This should fix issues were on a RaspberryPi1 system no act-led (led0) node was generated in /sys/class/leds because of the default rpi-rf-mod.dtbo device tree overlay being partly invalid for a RaspberryPi1 due to the missing GPIO pins (#1284).
  • added support for /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/cpu.rt_runtime_us checking to deploy.sh so that runtime shares will be added enough in the docker run.

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