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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major maintenance and bug fixing release including the following new features, bug and security fixes:

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🚧 Changes:

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU firmware to 3.51.6.-1 version with full compatibility to the CCU3 3.51.6 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • Integration of eTRV-HmIP-B-UK (Homematic IP Heizkörperthermostat – basic UK)
    • Integration of HmIP-STV (Homematic IP Neigungs- und Erschütterungssensor, ELV-Bausatz)
    • Integration of HmIP-FSI16 (Homematic IP Schaltaktor mit Tastereingang (16 A) – Unterputz,
    • Integration of HmIP-WRCR (Homematic IP Drehtaster, ELV-Bausatz)
    • Integration of HmIP-DSD-PCB (Homematic IP Klingelsignalsensor, ELV-Bausatz)
    • Integration of HmIP-DRDI3 (Homematic IP Dimmaktor für Hutschienenmontage – 3-fach,
    • For improved security, when setting a new SSH password, the password is not supplied as an argument anymore.
    • Added a waiting animation when loading/displaying the license information during a CCU firmware upgrade.
    • Uncritical log messages (multimac: Bad cast: std::bad_cast) of the multimacd process were moved to another log level.
    • For direct connections with dimming devices the minimal level of < 10% was not correctly saved and thus the dimmer always switched to 0%.
  • integrated a new default cronjob that performs a nightly bad blocks check via /sbin/badblocks and triggers an alarm message via monit if a bad block is found on the main device (e.g. SD card).

WebUI changes:

  • integrated a new WebUI patch which fixes issues with installations only using a HmIP-RF only communication solution (HmIP-RFUSB). These installations ended up in not being able to apply any device firmware
    update because the WebUI was explicitly checking the DutyCycle via the BidCos-RF interface only (0068, #770)
  • integrated a new WebUI bugfix which uses the correct label (stringTableTxMinDelayValue) for the easymodes display of TC_MINDELAY_VALUE rather than incorrectly using stringTableRamdomTimeValue (0069, #781).
  • integrated a new WebUI patch so that inactive programs get gray text to make them more easier distinguishable (0070, #779, @jp112sdl).
  • integrated a new WebUI patch to add the program name to the security checks on delete program (0071, #785, @jp112sdl)

Linux operating system changes:

  • updated java version for armhf targets to latest LTS version.
  • updated Linux kernel version to latest LTS 4.19.x for all supported platforms and updated RaspberryPi bootloader to latest version available.

👪 Contributors (alphabetically):

📝 Support:

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide 🇩🇪
RaspberryMatic – Forum 🇩🇪

📦 Download:

The following installation archives (.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a .tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: