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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a minor maintenance and bug fixing release including the following new features, bug and security fixes:

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🚧 Changes:

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU firmware to 3.51.6-3 version which comes with the following changes:
    • updated ReGaHss logic engine R1.00.0388.0216 (Apr 17 2020) version with the following changes:
      • fixed UriEncode(), UriDecode() functions to handle strings with umlauts correctly on all supported hardware platforms.
  • implemented a new delayed diagram storage mechanism which will make sure that the rrd files of the HMIPServer diagram functionality are only saved in fixed time intervals (every 10 minutes) rather than as soon as they are updated. This should prevent that USB/SD cards die way to early since the rrd files can be updated too often. In addition, they usually store the updated data on the same disk blocks and thus run too fast into the maximum memory cell limitation. Now the new mechanism will also make sure that different cells are used on every rrd file update and thus prevent the wear levelling to be exhausted too fast.
  • added a minor patch for /bin/hm_autoconf which will check for an empty InterfaceUrl() before adding the interface to the working list. This should fix issues in environments where users switch between different interfaces or perform a first boot without any interface / rf module at all.
  • updated integrated mediola NEO SERVER CCU-Addon package version to latest 2.5.1.

WebUI changes:

  • modified the WebUI patch for highlighting inactive programs in the program list to use the color.map to specify which colors should be used for the inactive highlighting (pgmTextColorInactive, pgmBackColorInactive). This allows users to define their own inactive color for better customization (0070, #800, @jp112sdl).
  • integrated a fix for the WebUI patch to bring back the channel sorting capabilities in the channel selection dialog. Now all channels, including virtual channels, will be displayed as otherwise some channels might not show up correctly (0066, #810).

Operating system changes:

  • updated buildroot/Linux environment to latest 2020.02.1 LTS version.
  • fixed RaspberryPi4 related linux kernel options so that recent 4.19.x kernels boot correctly again.
  • updated the RaspberryPi recognition routines for an improved hardware recognition. This should also add support for the RaspberryPi4b Rev 1.2 as well as for the Compute Module 3+.
  • fixed support for mounting exFAT formatted usb sticks and also modprobe fuse in case an NTFS formatted drive is about to be mounted.
  • bumped wiringpi package to version 2.60 to add support for RaspberryPi4b.
  • added hardware support for the pimoroni Fan SHIM HAT by adding a new “raspi-fanshim” service which will be automatically started if a /etc/config/enableFanshim status file is present. It will then automatically turn on/off the fan if the temperature is reaching 65 degree celsius or turn it off under 50 degree celsius (#811).
  • reduced the bluetooth communication baudrate for a potentially more stable bluetooth functionality on
    RaspberryPi3b models.
  • added hdmi_force_hotplug=1to config.txt of RaspberryPi4 version so that a headless RaspberryPi4 continues to boot correctly.
  • fixed S21rngd startup script to add the /dev/urandom routing option rather than replacing the whole ${DAEMON_ARGS} argument. This should keep the -q option to keep the rngd quiet as much as possible and not flood the syslog with thousands of debug messages.
  • updated Java 8 LTS version to for all i686 targets (OVA, intelnuc).
  • updated Linux kernel version to latest LTS 4.19.x for all supported platforms and updated RaspberryPi firmware files to latest version available.

👪 Contributors (alphabetically):

📝 Support:

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide 🇩🇪
RaspberryMatic – Forum 🇩🇪

📦 Download:

The following installation archives (.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a .tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: