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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a maintenance release including the following bugfixes and minor feature enhancements:

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– fixed a major bug where RF communication to homematicIP devices was partly not working when using a RaspberryPi while not having the HDMI port connected to anything. This seem to have resulted in (partly) unreliable RF communication to homematicIP devices due to the unused HDMI port resulting in certain RF interferences. Now the HDMI port is automatically powered down/disabled upon boot up if no cable is connected at all. In addition, the HDMI console will now automatically blank after 2 minutes of inactivity also potentially reducing RF interferences if a HDMI monitor is connected (#500).
– fixed the RF module GPIO reset functionality for the RPI-RF-MOD during boot up so that upon a CCU reset the RF module should start with a zeroed DutyCycle counter.
– fixed bug in new CodeMirror-based ScriptEditor where under certain circumstances a text selection resulted in dragging the script editor window instead (#534).
– added support for third-party USB-based HB-RF-USB adapter PCB for connecting/using a HM-MOD-RPI-PCB or RPI-RF-MOD using a USB cable (see Discussion).
– added timeout command to default BusyBox configuration so that users can write scripts/tools that are using this timeout command to automatically cancel commands after a certain amount of time not having finished.
– slightly reworked the general RF module setup routines to catch more RF module combination cases and should make the init routines more reliable.
– improved new HTTP/XMLRPC-based authentication routines to not require any authentication if the request is coming from localhost. This should remove the requirement for authentication of processes running on the CCU/RaspberryMatic itself while not putting security at risk (#533).
– switched from using the partly obsolete NTPd daemon and tools for syncing to and querying external NTP servers to the modern and new standard chrony NTP daemon/client package. This should also partly improve NTP syncing and NTP related information querying.
– updated RaspberryPi Linux kernel to 4.14.81 including corresponding RaspberryPi firmware and onboard WiFi-firmware files.
– updated armbian-based Tinkerboard Linux kernel + U-Boot patchset and raised kernel version to 4.14.94 accordingly.
– minor bugfixes and cosmetic changes.

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide :de:
RaspberryMatic – Forum :de:

The following installation archives (*.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a *.tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: