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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a feature release including the following new major features and minor bugfixes:

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– updated OCCU firmware to 3.43.15-1 version with full compatibility to the CCU3 3.43.15 firmware and the following changes compare to previous RaspberryMatic versions:
– finalized homematicIP-Wired functionality with the following new HmIP-Wired devices supported:
HmIPW-DRAP (Homematic IP Wired Access Point)
HmIPW-DRD3 (Homematic IP Wired Dimmaktor – 3-fach)
HmIPW-DRS4 (Homematic IP Wired Schaltaktor – 4-fach)
HmIPW-DRS8 (Homematic IP Wired Schaltaktor – 8-fach)
HmIPW-FIO6 (Homematic IP Wired IO Modul Unterputz – 6-fach)
HmIPW-DRI16 (Homematic IP Wired Eingangsmodul – 16-fach)
HmIPW-DRI32 (Homematic IP Wired Eingangsmodul – 32-fach)
HmIPW-DRBL4 (Homematic IP Wired Jalousieaktor – 4-fach)
– Integration of HmIP-RCV-50 device (virtual remote control for HmIP)
– Integration of HmIP-FCI6 (Homematic IP Kontakt-Schnittstelle Unterputz – 6-fach)
– Integration of HmIP-WT (Homematic IP Wandthermostat)
– Integration of HmIP-ASIR-B1
– Integration of Hm-RC-2-PBU-FM-2 (Funk-Sender 2-fach für Markenschalter, Unterputzmontage)
– added config parameter “Optimal Start/Stop” for HmIP-WT/WTH/WTH2.
– added config parameter “valve offset” for HmIP-eTRV/-2/-B/-C.
– added plausibility tests for ip addresses (IPv4 / IPv6) in the WebUI.
– changed term “relais” to “output” in WebUI.
– the button “device firmware” will now switch to the device overview page instead.
– device firmware updates can only be triggered from the device overview page anymore.
– fixed bug for display of the upper device button for the HmIP-BSL
– fixed bug where no lammelle position could be configured for the HmIP-FBL/BBL (weekly programs or WebUI).
– fixed missing configuration pages for RGBW controller.
– fixed missing easy modes for HmIP-FCI1/6.
– fixed missing “action on power” for HmIP-MP3P and dimm actors.
– removed unsupported “event delay” config setting for HmIP-FCI1/6.
– fixed incorrectly loaded “device firmware overview” page if a Philips HUE Gateway is connected.
– fixed problem where the CCU value for energy devices doubled its value upon reboot.
– added missing location config setting for HmIP-PCBS2 so that weekly programs work correctly.
– integrated some fixes for large file uploads in default lighttpd configuration which otherwise could result in all memory being eaten.
– integrated a minor fix for a cosmetic issue in sorting the WebUI buttons of CCU addons in the system configuration UI which only happened if the DevConfig tweak was enabled.
– integrated a fix for a buffer overflow problem in the ReGaHss user authentication lighttpd module which otherwise could result in issues with correct authentication against the XMLRPC services (#556, @alexreinert).
– slightly optimized the restoreBackup.sh helper script to check for included sha256 checksum files and to make sure that only files in /usr/local will be overwritten by the restore operations. In addition, restoreBackup.sh will now also restart all necessary services automatically instead of requiring a manual reboot afterwards (which is still advised, thought).
– in addition to specifying an output folder in the createBackup.sh helper script a full path to a file can also be specified now. In addition, a sha256 checksum file is now added to every backup file for future consistency checks (#543, @methodus).
– fixed a minor bug in the firmware update routines in the recovery system which resulting in the firmware update to require an unnecessary amount of time due to udev taking care of local lofs mounts.
– optimized memory management in low memory conditions so that critical Homematic services will be killed as one of the last steps before the underlying hardware runs out of memory (#540).
– updated buildroot/Linux environment to latest stable 2018.11.2 version.
– updated RaspberryPi Linux kernel to 4.14.98 including corresponding RaspberryPi firmware files.
– updated armbian-based Tinkerboard Linux kernel + U-Boot patchset and raised kernel version to 4.14.101 accordingly.
– added global robots.txt file to WebUI returning a general Disallow: / response so that any sensible web spider should stop indexing any web pages of the CCU if it had been accidentally connected to the internet (e.g. via port forwarding).
– performed a general cleanup in the root filesystem by removing obsolete unused WebUI files resulting in a reduced amount of filesystem space to be used.
– minor bugfixes and cosmetic changes.

Contributors (alphabetically):
– @alexreinert
– @jens-maus
– @methodus

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide :de:
RaspberryMatic – Forum :de:

The following installation archives (*.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a *.tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: