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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major release with the following changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU version to 3.63.8-1 integrating full compatibility to the CCU3 3.63.8 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • updated ReGaHss logic engine to version R1.00.0388.0230 (Mar 24 2022):
      • fixed a bug in the URL parameter decoding routines which did not decode a + character to a white-space in the parameter part of URLs which violated RFC1866 (#1762).
    • HmIP-WSC (ELV kit) Speed resp. travel time within programs supplemented.
    • HmIP-FSM16 – Incorrect description of configuration parameter “Value Minimum transmission distance” corrected (was value random part).
    • Fixed different designation for on/off for Hm and HmIP.
    • HmIP-FWI (ELV kit) – The displayed code ID was too high by 1 under Status/Operation.
    • Start/stop long keystroke within programs was interchanged.
    • Added missing translation of service messages.
    • Changeover from daylight saving time to standard time for Homematic IP devices occurred constellations at the wrong time.
    • The end of vacation was displayed incorrectly in the eTRV if the start and end date were set to the same day. were set to the same day.
    • The HmIPW-DRAP firmware supplied on the CCU has been updated to version 2.4.14.
    • The HmIP-HAP firmware supplied on the CCU has been updated to version 2.4.12.
    • HmIP-SMI55-2 – The note text for battery/mains operation has been adapted.
    • Within programs, it is now also possible to trigger on the exact value in the “Set value range” dialog.
    • Restoration of device states after device restart: Weekly profile active / inactive for switching/dimming and shading actuators, Manual mode and active profile. for eTRVs.
    • HmIPW-WRC6 – Within programs it is now possible to trigger on the brightness value.
    • For links between pushbuttons and dimming actuators, the step width of the long pushbutton action can be selected.
    • The wall thermostats have been revised with FW. version 2.8 and receive the new parameter “Operating mode thermostat/hygrostat” at channel 5. The HmIP-BWTH additionally receives the heat demand channel Boiler (channel 13). The FW rollout is still pending.
  • The tcl/tclsh scripting engine is now compiled within our build environment for every target platform (including 64 bit version) instead of taking the pre-compiled 32bit only tcl 8.2.3 binaries from OCCU. This finally allowed to upgrade tcl to the latest 8.6.12 version with all bug fixes and improvements of this newer version. In addition, the libxmlparser.so, libXmlRpc.so, tclrega.so and tclrpc.so shared libraries which certain common homematic services use are now also directly compiled from our build environment rather than just taking pre-compiled versions, thus native 64bit versions are now compiled/available (#903).
  • added a forced coprocessor version functionality to S48UpdateRFHardware so that by putting the desired firmware version to a /etc/config/forced_coprocessor_version file users can pin a certain version for their rf module.
  • re-added a sleep 5 after the eq3_char_loop modprobe to give the system (especially in case of running RaspberryMatic as a HomeAssistant Add-on) more time to settle (#1707, #1752).
  • in case no HomeMatic RF module is installed parts of the mac address are now put in /var/board_serial (#1729).

WebUI changes:

  • reworked the file upload fixes in the 0031-WebUI-Fix-FileUpload WebUI patch to contain several security checks for a valid admin session id and query string checks as well as omitting the critical use of URL query string parsing functionality . This should significantly improve the security burden, thus fix a raised security issue (CVE-2022-24796, @qx-f7).
  • added another minor unit display fix to the 0132-WebUI-Fix-UnitDisplay WebUI patch.
  • added new 0167-WebUI-Fix-InternalTclURLs WebUI bugfix patch which fixes all used URLs in tcl routines to be compatible with tcl 8.6 version of http geturl function (#1754, #1765)
  • modified 0133-WebUI-Fix-InternalIDExposure WebUI patch and removed the HmIPW- and HmIP-DRSI checks which caused the maintenance channel to always be shown rather than manually showable (#1751).
  • added new 0166-WebUI-Fix-PowermeterControl WebUI bugfix patch which fixes ScriptRuntimeErrors when display the status pages of a HM-ES-TX-WM with firmware 2.5 and IEC sensor connected (#1748, #1749, @jp112sdl).
  • added new 0165-WebUI-ShowFreeUserspaceOnMaintenancePage WebUI patch to display the free userspace on the maintenance control page so that users are notified in case not enough space is left for applying a software update (#1737)
  • updated CodeMirror editor engine to latest 5.65.2 version.
  • fixed space free display in help.cgi so that the right space free values are used from the monit status output.
  • lowered the CarrierSense (CS) warning and attention levels to >= 11% and >= 20% accordingly in 0057-WebUI-ImprovedDutyCycleDisplay WebUI patch. Please note that these thresholds are pure empirically chosen where even a CS >= 20% could still be tolerable.

Operating system changes:

  • added support for loading compressed kernel modules (xz and zstd) using modprobe/kmod by adding BR2_PACKAGE_XZ and BR2_PACKAGE_ZSTD to all buildroot configs (#1750).
  • added BR2_PACKAGE_KMOD_TOOLS to the oci defconfigs so that the kmod utilities (modprobe, etc.) are built which should allow to also load compressed kernel modules (#1750).
  • fixed a bug in the published Kubernetes helm chart (#1757, #1756, @angelnu).
  • added missing CONFIG_SECCOMP kernel option for all ODROID-based platforms.
  • removed unnecessary CONFIG_AUDIT kernel options for Tinkerboard platform so that it behaves essentially the same like the kernels for the other supported platforms.
  • added more wpa_supplicant options to also add support for the older ‘wext’ extension so that third-party wifi drivers (e.g. r8188eu) still only providing wext support continue to work (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#1811).
  • updated tailscale to latest 1.22.2 version.
  • updated RaspberryPi4 eeprom to latest pieeprom-2022-03-10.bin.
  • updated RaspberryPi kernel+firmware to latest 1.20220308 (5.10.103) version.
  • updated upstream kernel to latest 5.10.108 LTS version.
  • updated buildroot to 2022.02 LTS version.

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