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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major release with the following bugfixes and feature changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU version to 3.61.5-1 integrating full compatibility to the CCU3 3.61.5 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • updated ReGaHss logic engine to version R1.00.0388.0227 (Oct 20 2021) coming with the following changes:
      • fixed an important bug in the central foreach() loop function which was not using the correct way of setting the content of the provided storage variable. This caused runtime issues under certain circumstances which resulted in foreach() calls returning the same string result for all iterations.
    • updated hmip-copro-update.jar tool which finally comes with an updated libNRJavaSerial version also providing binaries for aarch64.
    • when service messages are generated or deleted HMIPServer was not closing all generated UDP sockets correctly which could result in too many file handles to be opened at the same time.
    • if actors were switched on via a WebUI program without any limiting time these actors were switch off after 31 hours.
    • the presented help button on the login and logout pages did not work correctly.
    • when logging in using a guest account, status changes were not updated in the favorite display.
    • in some rare situations a “NullPointerException” could happen in a HomematicIP heating group.
    • firmware of RPI-RF-MOD / HmIP-CCU3 updated to 4.4.12 version. This new firmware contains bugfixes and improvements regarding communication with a HmIP-HAP or HmIPW-DRAP.
    • added a new config parameter for power consumption and power inlet when using a HmIP-PSM. In future this will allow to consider the power input with a future device firmware update (e.g. for a mini photo-volatic).
    • removed the incorrect “low battery threshold” config settings for HmIP-SWO-x devices.
    • display of status values implemented for the Philips Hue and Osram Lightify gateway as well as bug fixes and stability improvements.
    • the easymode parameter LONG/SHORT_RAMP_START_STEP will now be displayed with 2 digit precision.
    • added an easymode profile “select position” for direct connection configuration of shutter devices.
    • added a new parameter LED_DISABLE_CHANNELSTATE for the HmIP-SMI config interface (requires device firmware 3.2.x).
    • added new service message for HmIP-WRCD informing about a too high wake-on-radio usage.
    • when updating the CCU firmware, a backup file will be automatically downloaded during the update process.
    • device firmware updates will now be transfered sequentially to each device in case a HmIP-HAP is part of the installation. This should improve the overall update stability.
    • added new LED identification options to the status and control display of a HmIPW-DRAP in case it is equipped with a newer device firmware.
    • added new “Start/Stop” parameters for push button type devices.
  • modified /bin/SetInterfaceClock execution times to be executed more near to DST switch boundaries but still only 4 times per days so that BidCos-RF devices are getting time updates still regularly but more imminent after a DST switch.
  • integrated a fix for the init/recognition of a HmIP-RFUSB which did not work correctly under all circumstances (cf. https://github.com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/discussions/1252).

WebUI changes:

  • integrated major CSS style changes to the whole WebUI and added it to the 0039-WebUI-Fix-Style-Glitches WebUI patchset. These changes includes a lot of style modifications which e.g. try to use the maximum space available for the web browser but also try to make the table layout more common between the status and control devices display (#1466, #1485, #1493, https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=683208#p683208, #1455 (comment)).
  • added new 0150-WebUI-Responsive-ControlPage WebUI patch which reworks the main control page to use a div-based responsive design (@MichaelN0815).
  • added a new 0149-WebUI-ImprovedErrorPages WebUI patch which replaces the standard error pages shown with some more nice and slim version reminding users that the system is not ready yet and the WebUI will be loaded soonish.
  • integrated some minor startpage layout changes which introduce some grey/white alternating layout for the user sysvar display so that content will be better visible. In addition, alignment and padding was slightly adapted and things moved over from the 0039-WebUI-Fix-Style-Glitches WebUI patch (@MichaelN0815, #1495 (comment)).
  • added a new 0148-WebUI-Fix-RebootInBackground WebUI patch and adapted other patches in similar situations to execute /sbin/reboot and /sbin/poweroff in background so that the WebUI has enough time to properly display the results before the system is rebooted or shutdown (#1496).
  • added new 0147-WebUI-Fix-AddonUninstallFailureHandling WebUI patch which fixes an issue with addon uninstall scripts returning invalid error messages (@jp112sdl).
  • added new 0146-WebUI-ImprovedStartpageLayout WebUI patch presenting the text information on the startpage more condensed (#1495, @jp112sdl).
  • integrated fixes in 0007-WebUI-Enhanced-FirmwareUpdate WebUI patch which should fix the new auto-backup feature of OCCU 3.61.x.
  • Added a new button in 0133-WebUI-Fix-InternalIDExposure WebUI patch to explicitly show/hide internal maintenance channels in the status and control device view rather than showing them per default (@jp112sdl).
  • added new 0145-WebUI-NaturalSorting WebUI patch which implements natural sorting for the “Status and control” display tables (#1491, @ptweety).
  • added new 0144-WebUI-ControlForMaintenanceChannel WebUI patch implementing a dedicated device parameter output for the :0 maintenance channels (#1487, @jp112sdl).
  • integrated a fix in 0067-WebUI-Fix-BrokenLinkPeerList WebUI patch which fixes another broken link to programs and connections (#1484).
  • added new 0143-WebUI-Fix-Translation WebUI bugfix patch fixing a minor typo in de/translate.lang.extension.js (cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=41974&p=684969#p684967).
  • modified 0133-WebUI-Fix-InternalIDExposure WebUI patch to also show channels flagged as “internal” in the functions, room and favorite display (#1477, #1475).
  • modified 0057-WebUI-ImprovedDutyCycleDisplay WebUI patch to use a table header to explain DC/CS values and to use a more streamlined separation bar (#1462, @jp112sdl).
  • added new 0141-WebUI-Add-LoggedOnUserInformation WebUI patch adding more logged in user details to the WebUI header (#1463, @jp112sdl).
  • added new 0142-WebUI-Fix-StartpageGuestTranslate WebUI patch fixing broken translation string in the favorite page when using a guest account (#1470, @jp112sdl).
  • added another minor improvement for the 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser WebUI patch simplifying the channel selection table cell use (@jp112sdl).
  • modified 0138-WebUI-Add-SettingsAccessInStatusAndControl WebUI patch to allow to click on the device image to directly go to the device settings. (cf. #1444 (comment)).
  • added new 0140-WebUI-Add-ChannelPicsInControl WebUI patch which will add channel pictures to the status and control tables.
  • added new 0139-WebUI-Fix-ScriptErrorOnUnknownDatapoint WebUI patch fixing an issue with unique variable ident (#1456, @jp112sdl).
  • integrated missing change in 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser which implements direct use of the boolean value names. (cf. #1455 (comment)).
  • added possibility to edit the content of system variable from the status and control pages if logged in as an admin (#1455, @jp112sdl).
  • the program table can now be edited as an admin using the status and control pages (@jp112sdl, #1453).
  • added new 0138-WebUI-Add-SettingsAccessInStatusAndControl WebUI patch allowing to directly access device channel settings in the status display (#1444, @jp112sdl).
  • fixed minor english translation error where the german ‘CCUFullNameText’ identifier was used rather than the english one (#1445).

Operating system changes:

  • added some first basic support for the new RaspberryPi Zero 2 W model by using the rpi3 platform for it (since it is sharing the same CPU/SoC).
  • added the options -I 256 -E lazy_itable_init=0,lazy_journal_init=0 to all mkfs.ext4 calls so that all ext4 filesystems will be created with >y2038 compatibility (inode size >= 256) and also with slightly optimized init procedures (no lazy inits) (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#1589).
  • updated buildroot to latest 2021.08.2 LTS
  • updated upstream kernel to latest 5.10.78 LTS
  • updated the RaspberryPi kernel+firmware to latest 1.20211029
  • updated java-azul runtime engine to latest stable
  • updated tailscale package to latest 1.16.2 release.

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The following installation archives can be downloaded for different hardware platforms. To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is provided as well. You can either upload these files using the WebUI-based update mechanism or unarchive them to e.g. flash the included *.img files on a fresh installation media (e.g. microSD card):