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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a maintenance release with bugfixes and feature changes including the following changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU version to 3.57.4-1 integrating full compatibility to the CCU3 3.57.4 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • fixed the download of certificates via the “create certificate” button which didn’t work for chrome browser versions higher than 87 if the connection was a https connection.
    • the automatic download and installation of update didn’t work for chrome browser engine versions higher than 87 if a https connection was used.
    • fixed some issues when entering floating point values in the WebUI.
    • fixed bug when trying to add event delay values in the dialogs of HmIP shutter contact devices.
    • for unconnected channels of HmIP-FALMOT devices a value of “0%” and “active” was incorrectly displayed.
    • fixed an issue in the sorting function of the channel selection in program dialogs.
    • after manual uninstall of the NeoServer add-on, the add-on button was not removed correctly.
    • implemented support for new “Homematic IP Schalt-Mess-Aktor fΓΌr USB” (HmIP-USBSM, ELV)
    • updated the RPI-RF-MOD / CCU3 Coprozessor Firmware to version 4.2.14. This version fixes issues which could have resulted in permanent communication errors. In addition, a minor frequency deviation was corrected which could also fix certain communication related issues.
    • a new option has been added for HmIP-Wired devices which allows to select a new “channel action” parameter in programs to allow to set the display/system button of these devices.
    • instead of displaying “0 mA” if for a HmIP-DRAP bus the current was lower than 100 mA. Now “< 100mA” is displayed instead on the corresponding WebUI device status display.
    • added new error codes for the HmIP-SWSD to display error in case a dirty smoke chamber is identified.
    • for devices with a channel “Konfiguration Entscheidungswert” a note will now be displayed that the parameter has to be activated for a direct connection to work properly.
    • for heating groups the channel name and channel description will now be displayed and not just the device name.
    • the channesl for a HmIP(W)-FALx/FALMOT can now be added to HmIP heating groups to create the corresponding direct connections automatically between a FAL and WTH).
  • updated integrated Mediola NeoServer addon to latest 2.6.2 version.
  • integrated a minor fix for diverting firmware version storage in /var/hm_mode right after a fresh rf module firmware update.
  • added changes to properly disconnect a HB-RF-ETH upon shutdown, so that in a Docker/OCI environment the module can be used by another instance.
  • fixed an issue where upon switching RF modules or restoring a backup created from a different rf module resulted in deleting all homematicIP devices.

WebUI changes:

  • integrate fixes in 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser WebUI patch which didn’t allow to use certain reserved characters. This might have caused that editing a system variable via the WebUI wasn’t possible anymore (#1177, @jp112sdl, @theimo1221).
  • fixed an issue where in some popups german umlauts could not be displayed correctly.
  • improved the ingress service proxy daemon used on the HomeAssistant integration, which didn’t correctly catch and redirect all certain urls correctly. This prevents the WebUI backup routines from working correctly and thus rendered the backup/restore non-functional.
  • integrated changes in 0040-WebUI-AddonInstallNoReboot WebUI patch which omit the additional popup requester upon installing CCU add-ons since 3.57.4. Also modified the warning test regarding a forced reboot to state that reboots only could be possible based on what an addon decides.
  • added new 0119-WebUI-Fix-ProofAndSetValue-regarding-floating-numbers WebUI patch which fixes further issues with not being able to enter float or integer values in certain areas of the WebUI correctly (#1172, #1171, #1058, @theimo1221).
  • added new 0118-WebUI-Fix-ISO8601-DateUses WebUI patch which fixes the regexp used for parsing the output of a date -Iseconds command which has changed since BusyBox 1.33.0 to be more ISO-8601 compliant. Now the used regexp should catch all cases. This fixes an internal error in the WebUI (https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=65840&p=649371#p649371).
  • adapted the mod_authn_rega lighttpd module sources to be compatible with lighttpd 1.4.58+
  • integrated changes for 0077-WebUI-NegateCondition WebUI patch that in a negated condition the description text matches (#1160, #1164, @jp112sdl).
  • modified 0057-WebUI-ImprovedDutyCycleDisplay WebUI patch and added a set of aria-valuenow css changes alongside width to have it properly changed in our bootstrap-based DutyCycle/CarrierSense WebUI patch (#1156).
  • added new 0117-WebUI-Fix-Rounding-within-Temperatur-Comfort-Lowering WebUI patch which fixes some more rounding issues in the WebUI (#1154, @theimo1221).
  • added new 0116-WebUI-Chrome-88-Sort-Header-Cell WebUI patch which fixes minor display issues appearing when using newer Chrome 88+ versions (#1153, @theimo1221).
  • fixed compatibility with older browsers in 0111-WebUI-Fix-Translation-Performance patch (#1151, @theimo1221)
  • integrated fix for 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser to use replace() rather than the newer replaceAll() which seems to be not supported by all recent browsers yet (#1150).
  • removed obsolete WebUI patches (0080, 0081, 0112, 0113) and adapted patch 0112 to match changes in recent OCCU 3.57.4 version.
  • added new 0115-WebUI-GatewayConfiguration-DevicesListSortByName WebUI Patch which sorts the LAN gateway device list accordingly (#1147, @jp112sdl)
  • integrated a fix for an issue in /bin/updateDCVars.tcl which resulted in an incorrect CarrierSense output. (cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=65661&start=20#p646106)
  • added new 0114-WebUI-Keyboard-Scroll-Control-After-Page-Change WebUI patch to enhance keyboard control on page change (#1144, @jp112sdl)
  • added new 0112-WebUI-Fix-Typo-hmipChannelConfigDialogs WebUI Bugfix patch to fix broken temperature lowering dialogs (#1139, @theimo1221)
  • modified 0057-WebUI-ImprovedDutyCycleDisplay WebUI patch to add a CarrierSense Level display on Startpage (#1138, @jp112sdl)
  • added new 0111-WebUI-Fix-Translation-Performance WebUI patch to increase performance in loading translations. This should significantly increase the display speed of large device lists (#1136, @theimo1221)
  • integrated fixes for 0109-WebUI-Fix-SystemLanguageDefaultNames WebUI patch which should catch invalid null accesses to invalid iseobject ids resulting from e.g. partly broken ise lists like ID_SYSTEM_VARIABLES, etc. (cf. https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=65568)

Operating system changes:

  • fixed trigger selection routines which didn’t select the correct led trigger for the onboard led of a RaspberryPi/Tinkerboard because these routines were broken.
  • integrated improvements for the HomeAssistant add-on implementation which should allow to correctly reboot/shutdown the add-on from the WebUI itself (#1087).
  • integrated a fix for the HomeAssistant add-on implementation which resulted in the syslog daemon not being able to run correctly with recent HA supervisor versions.
  • changed the Docker/OCI HEALTHCHECK script to check for an enabled HMLGW mode and if identified it will always return a healthy status (#1163).
  • minor improvements in more clear startup messages output.
  • updated buildroot/Linux environment to latest 2021.02 LTS version.
  • bumped the Linux kernels of all platforms to 5.10.x including an update of the RaspberryPi+firmware to the latest 5.10.x versions (1.20210201-1).
  • modified the HomeAssistant add-on to not mount /dev_host like the other Docker/OCI environments do because it is not required for the add-on.
  • integrated a fix for the HomeAssistant add-on to mount /data as early as possible so that it is available for the backup restore and factory reset routines (#1148).
  • integrated fixes for getting the bluetooth functionality fixed for ASUS Tinkerboard (cf. home-assistant/operating-system@9db5dc7)
  • added first changes to be able to identify a used RPI-RF-MOD also in the HomeAssistant add-on environment
  • added a cpu.rt_runtime_us check before trying to start multimacd. This should catch cases where multimacd cannot be started due to missing cpu real-time shares being assigned (e.g. in a docker/OCI environment).
  • make sure all our kernels have CONFIG_TUN=y set so that no explicit modprobe is necessary anymore.
  • added changes to make sure that all manually loaded kernel modules are properly unloaded upon shutdown.
  • in a docker/oci environment we don’t use hwclock in thecontainers because the host is responsible for correct time setups.
  • integrated fixes for the LED sysfs naming for the tinkerboard which resulted in inconsistent onboard LED uses.
  • changed the watchdog-based RaspberryPi under-voltage alarming to be more conservative in alarming by only querying for a current under-voltage rather than checking if there were any under-voltage since startup.
  • swapped error codes 0 and 1 in /bin/checkEMMCLifeTime.sh and changed monitrc to set the whole eMMCLifteTimeCheck to unmonitor if an exit code of 1 is returned for 3 watchdog cycles.

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