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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major feature release including the following new features and minor bugfixes:

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🚧 Changes:

General changes:

  • updated OCCU firmware to 3.47.10-4 version with full compatibility to the CCU3 3.47.10 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • Integrated the following new Homematic devices: HmIP-ASIR-2, HmIPW-STHD, HmIPW-STH, HmIPW-WTH, HmIP-FALMOT-C12, HmIPW-FAL24-C6, HmIPW-FAL230-C6, HmIPW-FAL24-C10, HmIPW-FAL230-C10, HmIP-MIO16-PCB.
    • Channels of the virtual remote control (HmIP-RCV-50) could not be deleted from rooms and maintenance groups.
    • When adding a direct connection to a HmIP-MP3P from a wind sensor a color selection was displayed rather than a sound selection.
    • The button “Geräte-Firmware” on the page “Einstellungen” was renamed to “Geräte-Firmware-Übersicht”.
    • Integrated a WebUI patch to prevent remote HTML injections during Add-on version requests.
    • Fixed a problem where under certain circumstances a session ID could be generated without a valid login.
    • The displayed amount of rain for a HmIP-SWO-* were accidentally doubled on each CCU restart.
    • JSON-API: The access level for get-/setMetadata calls were now set to GUEST and ADMIN accordingly.
    • A dialog was added for a HmIP-MP3P to configure playlists within WebUI programs.
    • Integrated a WebUI patch to prevent the web server from sending any Server: response header.
    • In direct connections between a motion sensor and a switching/dimming actor the actor should not be switched off anymore if there is still identified motion in place if the actor reacts upon ambient light brightness.
    • HM-ES-TX-WM – Integrated the changed behavior if firmware version > 2.x.y is used and which comes with SML protocol compatibility to read out electric smart meters. With firmware version 2.x.y only ES-IEC sensor is supported anymore and no IR, Gas or LED sensor can be used with a HM-ES-TX-WM device.
    • Added new functionality (week programme) for HmIP-MIOB.
    • Added new functionality (MIOB switching for heating/cooling support) for all HmIP-FAL devices.
    • Added automatic transmission of location and timezone data to supported HmIP devices with astro functionality included.
    • Added some security relevant HTTP response headers to generally improve the WebUI security.
  • updated Linux kernel version to 4.19.58 for ASUS Tinkerboard and to 4.19.57 for RaspberryPi including the corresponding firmware files.
  • updated U-boot boot loader version to 2019.01 version coming with Buildroot.
  • updated buildroot/Linux version to latest stable 2019.05.1 version.
  • integrated all third-party changes from https://github.com/alexreinert/piVCCU/tree/master/kernel where
    eq3_char_loop and rx8130 was modified and dts changes proposed. Also adapted the RTC clock setup accordingly. Furthermore we use the latest generic_raw_uart sources for upcoming builds now (@alexreinert).
  • changed the DutyCycle system variable update interval from every 3 minutes to every minute to be in sync with the new WebUI way of displaying the DutyCycle using a progress bar.
  • slightly improved /dev/urandom random number initialisation by executing a helper tool signalling the kernel that there is somewhat more entropy available after having seeded urandom correctly.

WebUI changes/fixes:

  • integrated a new WebUI patch to display more than a single DutyCycle ProgressBar on the WebUI start page where the regularly queried DutyCycle values of all interfaces are extracted using the updateDCVars.tcl helper script and then used to display the progress bars (@jp112sdl, https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=51583&start=70#p517536).
  • integrated a smoother timezone/utcOffset/utcOffsetDST calculation routine which doesn’t require to maintain an own utcOffset list in addition to the anyway mostly obsolete timezone list implemented in cp_time.cgi. Now the utcOffset and position sync functionality in latest WebUI doesn’t require this utcOffset list anymore while allowing to set way more time zones.
  • integrated an upstream WebUI fix for incorrect “NaN” displays in the WebUI for energy/power meters (@jp112sdl, https://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=51583&p=517276#p517276).
  • integrated a new WebUI fix for preserving the active/inactive state of WebUI programs when editing them (#235, @jp112sdl).


  • fixed checkHmIPdevices.sh helper script to use a better search pattern and only move away ap/apkx files if the regadom already contains HmIP-RCV devices which means that there are references to the RF module at all. This should fix issues where people were coming from earlier versions of RaspberryMatic not containing HmIP-RCV devices already and thus the ap/apkx of the GPIO rf modules were accidentally moved away leaving no HmIP devices in the WebUI at all.
  • fixed another bug in checkHmIPdevices.sh which accidentally moved away *.ap and *.apkx files from HmIPW-DRAP devices. Now it will check metaData.conf for a reference to a HmIPW-DRAP and if it identifies it it will skip the found SGTIN (#655).
  • integrated a workaround for a problem with the Mediola NEO Server add-on web configuration pages which could not be accessed if the WebUI itself was accessed via https.
  • added nofail mount options where appropriate so that upon startup the system doesn’t complain if a certain filesystem is missing during boot.
  • changed the syslog file limit for /var/log/messages to automatically rotate rather than potentially filling the tmpfs until the logrotate daemon rotates it once per day due to excessive logging settings in the WebUI.

👪 Contributors (alphabetically):

📝 Support:

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide 🇩🇪
RaspberryMatic – Forum 🇩🇪

📦 Download:

The following installation archives (.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a .tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: