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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a maintenance release with the following bugfixes and minor feature changes:

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🚧 Changes:

For all changes, see the full commit log.

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU version to 3.65.11-1 integrating full compatibility to the CCU3 3.65.11 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • Correction of wrong hysteresis value for 2-point control after HmIP-WTH-2 update to FW 2.8.2.
    • Correction for resumption of paused updates for event listeners.
  • implemented a new “Check+Repair Storage” option in the recovery system which can be used to initiate a manual filesystem check and repair operation which can be used to try to check for any severe filesystem errors and trying to repair them accordingly. In addition, a detailed bad block check will be performed using this new recovery system functionality. Note, however, that running this new check+repair can take considerable time (minutes to hours) depending on the underlaying storage system.
  • replaced all static sleep X uses after loading required kernel modules (eq3_char_loop, etc.) with proper access checks using head -c0 which should help to deal way better with the dynamic device generation process, especially in case of using HomeAssistantOS as the based OS (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#2133 (comment)).
  • fixed issues in dynamic loading of multimacd and its corresponding device nodes. This should provide the underlying operating system a better way for settlement and permission setup to the dynamically generated /dev/mmd_* devices. This should help in case of newer HomeAssistantOS 9.0+ environments which seem to require a bit more time before rfd/HMIPServer can successfully access these multimacd devices. This fixes #1942 and refs home-assistant/operating-system#2133.
  • integrated some minor optimizations to the install-proxmox.sh script which will make sure that CPU+memory hotplug will be possible and also the virtual USB tablet device is now disabled, which seem to consume some unnessesary CPU cycles.
  • updated integrated NEOserver to latest 2.11.0 version.

WebUI changes:

  • added a new 0169-WebUI-Fix-HAP-B1-Uses bugfix patch fixing some last minutes issues in the 3.65.11 OCCU release.
  • integrated fix for 0097-WebUI-SetSysvarValueByUser WebUI patch where plain % char could not be used in system variable texts (#1925, #1932, @jp112sdl)
  • disabled the manual removal of the addon config using updateAddonConfig.tcl which seem to result in mediola addon uninstall errors (#1964).

Operating system changes:

  • bumped buildroot to latest 2022.08 version and updated our buildroot patchset accordingly.
  • integrated kernel config changes to improve the general memory and cpu hotplug capabilities for the ova platform. Furthermore, compatibility to VirtualBox is improved as well as enabling VirtIO based crypto devices (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#2138 and home-assistant/operating-system#2145).
  • updated upstream kernel to latest 5.15.71 LTS.
  • updated rpi-eeprom to latest pieeprom-2022-09-02.bin version.
  • updated RaspberryPi specific kernel+firmware to latest 1.20220830 version.
  • integrated backported patch to fix ODROID-N2 HDMI support. (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#2128)
  • enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG=y so that /proc/config.gz is available right away.
  • fixed issue where the HDMI display power was not correctly switched off for a RaspberryPi4 in case no HDMI cable was connected. Now we try to read out the EDID monitor information as well and if this is not possible we switch off the display.
  • fixed /bin/checkRpi4Usb3.sh watchdog script to correctly identify a GPIO connected RF module for the rpi4usb3 warning and also check on usb port 2-2 for a potentially connected USB3 device.
  • splitted the rootfs-overlay directory in the susvd buildroot package into two dedicated directories for the raspberrypi and tinkerboard versions of the S.USV daemon. This should solve issue with the wrong binaries being used in the tinkerboard build, resulting in a partly non-working S.USV support for the Tinkerboard (#1920).
  • added commit=30 mount option to the /usr/local mount operation to reduce filesystem writes so that the ext4 filesystem will not use a default of 1s (cf. home-assistant/operating-system#2103).
  • updated tailscale to latest 1.30.2 version.

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The following installation archives can be downloaded for different hardware platforms. To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is provided as well. You can either upload these files using the WebUI-based update mechanism or unarchive them to e.g. flash the included *.img files on a fresh installation media (e.g. microSD card):