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This is release of RaspberryMatic which is a major feature enhancement release including the following new features, minor bugfixes and security fixes:

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🚧 Changes:

CCU/HomeMatic service changes:

  • updated OCCU firmware to 3.49.17-4 version with full compatibility to the CCU3 3.49.17 firmware which comes with the following changes:
    • Integration of HmIP-DRSI4 (Homematic IP Switchactuator for top hat rail – 4x, ELV-kit)
    • Integration of HmIP-DRBLI4 (Homematic IP Blindactuator for top hat rail – 4x, ELV-kit)
    • The virtual display of the blind height for blind actuators will not be displayed in virtual channels but in the real channels now
    • added easymode profiles for HmIP-ASIR-O
    • rework/improvements of event delivery for Homematic IP XML-RPC API
    • update of web links on WebUI help pages
    • added “compatibilitymode for Elster devices” in HM-ES-TX-WM config parameters
    • the config parameters for real channels will now also be displayed in the non-expert view in the WebUI. These are important for changing basic settings to e.g. change a HmIP-DRBLI4.
    • stability improvements for HomeMatic IP Wired operation.
    • changes for a more intuitive WebUI display of the config parameters for “standard mode on power up”
    • added easy mode profile for HmIP-SAM for “switch on/off”
    • changed WebUI user setup to not allow spaces in user names anymore
    • upload of device firmware updates will now be prevents if the required firmware version does not match the minimal requirements of the device firmware description.
    • added new config parameter to allow to stop running connections for rf blind actuators (This requires device firmware updates to >=1.8.0 which will be released shortly)
    • added new config parameter for “valve change value” and “automatic change from static to pwm” (This requires device firmware updates to >=1.0.10 which will be released shortly)
    • removed the color selection “red” for text and background for HmIP-WRCD and added new config parameter for switching from power to battery use.
    • rework of week programme setup for HmIP devices.
    • added new “channel action” config parameter for HmIP dimm and switch actuators which can be used within WebUI programs (activity). This allows to comfortably change the switch duration and brightness and switch mode in WebUI programs.
    • added new “channel action” config parameter for HmIP blind actuators so that the blind height and lamella position can be comfortably changed within WebUI progams.
    • for the display of new available device firmware updates a filtered list will be requested from the update server so that only device firmware updates will be displayed matching the used CCU firmware version.
    • modified the description field for WebUI programs with using time module settings so that the end time will additionally displayed now
    • for wired and rf-motion sensors with firmware > 2.x.x (released soon) the brightness can be displayed in the status/control WebUI displays
    • a warning will now be displayed if trying to update device firmwares while the general duty cycle in >= 80%.
    • the long press switch can now be disabled within setup of device connections
    • fixed an error with the display reset of a HmIP-WRCD
    • fixed the output of an acoustic signal with a HmIP-WRCD
    • fixed bug with the switch-on delay in easymode profil “switch on/off” of a HmIP-WTH-2
    • under certain conditions the “OK” button was not displayed correctly during setup of a direct connection between devices.
    • fixed certain display problem when sorting direct connections by receiver
    • fixed incorrect connection of the long-press mode with switch actuators which was incorrectly configured as a toggle operation instead
    • removed unnecessary information notes when activating the “power supply” setting in HmIPW devices when direct connections where setup
    • fixed bug where HmIP-energy devices (e.g. HmIP-PSM) showed values with NaN as the value for the CCU.
    • incorrect syslog identifiers were used for multimacd and rfd syslog outputs
    • the XML-RPC remote API of the Homematic IP services always outputted “1.0.8” when using “getVersion”. Now the CCU firmware version number will be output instead.
  • integrated a minor fix for the included CloudMatic Addon which did not supply the correct zabbix_agentd version.
  • modified internet check to not perform any network/internet check operation if /etc/config/internetCheckDisabled exists.

WebUI changes:

  • changed the HTTPS/SSL certificate generation process to generate self-signed certificates with the “extendedKeyUsage”, “keyUsage” and “nsCertType” x509 options in openssl so that the generated certificates comply more to what modern web browsers require.
  • added new WebUI patch which improves the loading speed of the “Gewerke” /”Function” admin listing which previously could take too long and thus block ReGaHss resulting in monit triggering a restart under certain conditions (@jp112sdl, #751).
  • added new WebUI patch to fix the broken direct connection sorting in the official CCU 3.49.17 firmware release.

Linux operating system changes:

  • added a new qemu-guest-agentd guest agent client for the virtual OVA platform targets so that Qemu driven virtualization environments (Proxmox, Synology VMM, QNAP, Qemu) will integrate more nicely any allow to query certain metadata updates of the virtual client (#744).
  • enabled certain addition “VirtIO” linux kernel modules so that supported virtualization platforms can be setup to use “VirtIO” devices for network and hard disk support which should provide some more efficiency and speed.
  • lowered the vmx hardware compatibility to “vmx-10” which should allow to directly import the *.ova file in ESXi 5.5 also
  • changed rootfs ext4 filesystem setup to generate a full 64bit ext4 filesystem for potentially improved speed and security
  • updated buildroot/Linux version to latest 2019.11 version.
  • updated Linux kernel version to latest LTS 4.19.89 for all supported platforms and updated RaspberryPi bootloader to latest version available.

👪 Contributors (alphabetically):

📝 Support:

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic – Installation/Update Guide 🇩🇪
RaspberryMatic – Forum 🇩🇪

📦 Download:

The following installation archives (.zip files) can be downloaded for selected hardware platforms (including a .tgz update archive to upgrade from a CCU3 firmware to RaspberryMatic). To verify their integrity a sha256 checksum is listed as well. Please upload these zip files using the WebUI-based update mechanism available: